2017 Intern Reflections

Emma Pred-Sosa

Hmong College Prep Academy

“Overall, my experience at Hmong College Prep was extremely rewarding. I learned a great deal from my students, my fellow interns, and my own experience. The most exciting part of the internship was developing relations with my students – learning about their hobbies, their families, and their goals for the future – and figuring out the ways I could support them throughout the month-long program.”

Frani O’Toole

Milkweed Editions

“…I really only have good things to say about Milkweed and the ethos behind it. It’s an incredibly well-run organization, at every level, and it was a real privilege to get to join their team. The approachability of the staff I think made a lasting impression, and it was nice to be in an environment with people who appreciated the company and talent of one another.”

Lily Mirfakhraie

MN Heart Institute Foundation

“This internship experience has been incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally! Personally, this experience gave me the opportunity to meet incredible students from around the United States with a variety of backgrounds and an interest in medicine. I was fortunate to have incredible physician and research mentors who took an interest in me as an individual, and went above and beyond to make me comfortable in a new city. Professionally, I had hoped to use this summer as a chance to explore the ins and outs of medicine, and ensure that medicine is a career that I want to pursue. In this regard, the summer has been an incredible experience; I was able to spend over 40 hours this summer shadowing physicians and nurses, and solidified my desire to pursue medicine.”

Sophia Krohn

Great Plains Institute

“Overall, my experience was very positive. I began the summer hoping to better my community however in the end I reaped the largest reward; that of growth and passion ignited. My excitement for my future career surpasses the work and I am certain that this passion will continue in that way. After I’ve completed my education I am planning on pursuing a career that allows me to build off the experiences I’ve had during this internship. Although I intended to benefit this company as an intern, it ultimately benefitted me.”

Alisa Cui

Hmong College Prep Academy

“My experience at HCPA was extremely rewarding; I was able to combine knowledge and experiences I’ve accumulated from school and extracurricular activities into a well-rounded summer for the students. Meeting and getting to know the students and the story of the Hmong from Laos to Thailand to places like Minneapolis, Minnesota was an eye-opening and wonderful experience.”

Chris Hays

Headwaters Foundation for Justice

“The internship has been extremely enjoyable, and I have really liked working with my coworkers.”

Hung Ho

InnerCity Tennis Foundation

“My internship has been quite rewarding professionally. I started the summer with no prior professional experiences. From day one of the internship, I was able to sit in on multiple business meetings between the organization’s management and outside contractors, as well as multiple Standing Committee meetings between important leaders of InnerCity Tennis. These meetings provided me with exposure to the formal dealings of the professional world. Additionally, my internship was personally rewarding. I was able to directly support the mission of InnerCity Tennis by teaching tennis to kids. From feeding balls for an intermediate drill to teaching a groundstroke to a beginner, I helped our Outreach team provide programming to many underserved kids in Minneapolis. Furthermore, my internship has led me to consider possible careers in the non-profit world. I have had the opportunity to work with very passionate people who show that non-profit work can really impact the community around them.”

Yonatan Araia


“Personally, I made a lot of friends during this experience that I’m certain will reach far past this summer including with my assigned mentor. Professionally, I gained a lot of contacts in terms of networking and gained a number of valuable skills that have allowed for me to better evaluate data which will likely be of great help to me in future years.”

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