Information & Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to participate in the Bulldogs program?

Yale students in good standing of any class (freshman through senior).

What is the application process?

The program allows for 10 Bulldogs on the Lakes positions and three community service fellowships. The BOTL positions are posted by employers on the Yale Career Services website. The employers themselves will review applications and contact you directly for interviewing and hiring. For the community service fellowships, contact Robyn Acampora. Yale oversees backend administration and the selection process for these positions.

These employers are currently accepting applications for Summer 2017 interns! 

Students can apply through Yale Career Services’ Symplicity program. Please call Brian Frenette at (203) 432-0810 with any questions about the application process. 

Click here to apply!

Is there a deadline for applications?

The job posting will indicate the deadline, although all unfilled positions will be reopened until the position has been filled. We understand you may be applying to multiple programs, and may request additional time to make a decision. Although the flexibility rests ultimately with the employer, the Bulldogs program strongly suggests you be careful when making such a request. Asking for a few days is one thing, but asking for more than that paralyzes their ability to find an intern, clogs the hiring process, and is unprofessional. Please note that once you commit to an employer, it is NOT OK to try to withdraw your commitment. Please think wisely before you return the commitment letter. Also, if you are taking the MCATS, or have other time-constricting obligations that may interfere with your summer commitment, we ask that you take these into consideration before making your commitment to be in the Bulldogs program for the summer.

Who is the employer?

Each participant is an “at will” employee of the employing organization. The employers establish all issues relating to your employment. All students are expected to follow procedures and policies of their employers. Here is a list of current and former employers.

Payment: As a Bulldog intern, you are considered an employee as all other employees or summer interns with your employer, and are therefore subject to normal withholding procedures on your paycheck. Feel free to discuss the particulars of your pay period with your employer. Some are bi-weekly, others pay on slightly different time frames.

You will be off work on Memorial Day and July 4th. We will have a welcome brunch on Memorial Day and we usually have several OPTIONAL activities for the July 4th holiday.

What is the interview process?

Each employer will use its own interview procedures to make its final employment determination.

Transportation: IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO A CAR for the summer, we strongly suggest that you bring it. While it is not necessary for most internships, and students generally work out carpools, you will find it easier to get to events, dinner, etc. if you have a car. The Bulldogs will often travel in carpools to evening and weekend activities, and when the group arrives at the beginning of the summer, we’ll work out a plan for gas reimbursement so those who have cars are fairly compensated. Please confirm with your employer whether or not you NEED a car for your internship. Some employers are located across the city and public transportation is not a feasible option.

Minneapolis has been voted the most bike-friendly city in the nation. Most of your jobs are accessible by bike. We do provide each intern with a bike to use during the summer.

Arrival: If you are flying to Minneapolis, you will fly into Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). We ask that you arrive Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. If that is not possible, do not worry, please just connect with Bill about your travel arrangements. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to The Knoll.

Weather: The weather is surprisingly HOT in Minneapolis, (expect 80s and high 90s much of the summer) but many of your offices will be quite cold with air conditioning. If you don’t know simply by the nature of your job, ask your employer what the proper attire is for work. The Knoll has central air conditioning.

Housing: Located on the edge of the University of Minnesota’s historic Knoll Area and the East Bank of the Mississippi River, The Knoll offers students premier Dinkytown apartment living close to campus but in a neighborhood setting. The Knoll’s fully furnished, stylish apartments feature in-unit laundry and come with unrivaled building amenities including a spectacular outdoor rooftop entertainment and relaxation area, yoga studio, fitness center, game room, club room, study lounges, tanning booths, business center, bike storage, and more.

There is a Target Express and CVS within walking distance, in addition to numerous cafes and restaurants. 

The Knoll is also within walking distance to bus and light rail stops.

There is Wi-Fi at The Knoll.

Here a list of suggested items to bring:

  • Cash to get you through expenses until your first paycheck.
  • Alarm clock
  • Professional clothes for work (talk to your employer regarding their expected attire)
  • Laundry soap for washing clothes. Each apartment has in-unit laundry. (You can buy this when you arrive, too.)
  • Swim suit to go hang out at the lake beaches (we also go separate canoe, boat, and camping trips

Do not worry about bringing bedding or towels. Those are provided to you.

Mail and packages can be mailed to you at The Knoll:
(Your Name)
The Knoll
1101 University Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Gym: There is an exercise room with cardio and weight equipment at The Knoll.

Any Questions? Please contact us.