Cyberbullying in Plain Sight

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McAfee’s Modern Love Report

McAfee publishes its first Modern Love report, which reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet are changing love and relationships. From using a machine to write a love letter to being scammed by someone using AI tools to appear more convincing, the study highlights several ways in which technology has changed the way we find love.

Report 2022

McAfee sets out to answer parents' questions about where cyberbullying occurs, and the different forms it takes online.

Life Behind the Screens of
Parents, Tweens, and
Teens Report

In this ten-country study, McAfee conducted a study with parents and their children to understand how they connect and protect themselves online.

Inclusion & Diversity
The McAfee
Mobile Threat
Report 2022

In this report, learn how cybercriminals are trying harder to appear legitimate and how you can protect yourself.

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Credit Protection Guide

Credit theft and fraud affects millions of us. What can we do to prevent it?
In this guide, we explore proactive steps that you can take to monitor and take charge of your credit.

Ransomware Security Guide

In this guide, we explore what ransomware is and the steps you can take to prevent your personal information from being attacked.

Smart Home Security Guide

Your smart home needs protection too. See how you can make your smart speakers and devices more private and more secure in a few steps.

Digital Privacy Guide

Find out which of your information businesses and hackers may be collecting for profit—whether you know it or not—and how can take control.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Safe Shopping Guide

In this guide, learn how you can avoid some of the year’s nastiest Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping scams.

Identity Protection Guide

In this guide, we explore identity theft and provide advice on identity protection and restoration.

Back to School Protection Guide

In this guide, we look at ways you can protect your family's smartphones, computers, and laptops.

Phishing Scam Protection Guide

In this guide, we examine phishing attacks and how you can protect yourself from being phished online.

The Metaverse and NFTs in India

Learn about the world of the Metaverse and NFTs in India.

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