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Introducing our most thorough privacy, identity, and device protection—McAfee+ Ultimate. Now protect up to 6 family members with a McAfee+ Family plan​.

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Introducing McAfee+ Ultimate our most comprehensive privacy, identity, and device protection plan

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We’ll alert you to credit activity on all three major credit bureaus to stay on top of unauthorized activity.​

Automatic protection​

Lock or freeze your credit file to help prevent accounts from being opened in your name. ​

Bank-grade encryption​

We'll help you to remove your personal info from over 40 data broker sites collecting and selling it.

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We'll monitor the dark web for breaches involving your personal info and notify you if it's found.​

Bank-grade encryption​

Our licensed experts help restore your identity should the unexpected happen.​

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$1M identity theft and stolen funds coverage along with additional $25K ransomware coverage.*​

Select a perfect plan to fit your online life

McAfee+ Ultimate exclusive:
  • 3-bureau credit monitoring


  • Daily credit score


  • Credit lock


  • Up to $50K ransomware coverage with a family plan


Plans include:
  • Transaction monitoring


  • Full-service Personal Data Cleanup


  • Security freeze
  • Up to $2M ID theft coverage with a family plan
  • Antivirus for unlimited devices*
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Individual Protection Score
  • Parental controls with a family plan
    • Lost wallet protection
    • Password manager
    • File shredder
    • Web protection
    • Advanced firewall
    • Expert online support
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Windows® | macOS® | Android™ | iOS® | ChromeOS™

*Introductory pricing for new customers.

First year price on yearly subscription. See offer details.

Everything you need for privacy, identity, and device protection

VPN necessary


Credit score and report updated daily

Stay on top of changes to your credit reports and scores, all accessible from a single location. We’ll alert you to credit activity which could be a sign of identity theft or fraud. McAfee+ Ultimate includes monitoring, credit scores, and reports from the three main bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.​

VPN necessary


$1M ID theft and $25K ransomware coverage

Get up to $1M identity theft coverage for lost funds or expenses in restoring your identity - including coverage for losses to your 401(k) accounts.* If you become a victim of ransomware, you’re covered for losses up to $25K.​

VPN necessary


Credit lock and security freeze​

Lock or freeze your credit file to prevent unauthorized access and help stop new accounts from being opened in your name. You can also freeze your bank and utility accounts.

VPN necessary


Identity theft restoration​

Licensed identity restoration experts are available 24/7 to help repair your identity and credit if you ever need it, including assistance to help prevent or assist with identity fraud of a deceased family member.​

VPN necessary


Identity monitoring

Our always-on identity monitoring alerts you up to 10 months earlier than similar services if your information is found on the dark web.

VPN necessary


Personal Data Cleanup

We'll regularly scan high-risk data broker sites for info like your home address, date of birth, and names of relatives. We’ll let you know which sites are selling your data and automatically request removal on an ongoing basis, so you can feel more confident that your privacy is protected from identity thieves, hackers, and spammers.

VPN necessary


McAfee Protection Score™​

Check the health of your online protection and get simple steps to improve your security. Knowing how safe you are is the first step toward a safer life online.​

VPN necessary


Security for all your personal devices

Rest easy knowing your devices and personal info are protected from the latest threats with award-winning antivirus protection for all your compatible Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices​. Now protecting Chromebooks! ​

VPN necessary


Secure VPN​

VPN that automatically connects on public Wi-Fi for a secure online connection to ensure your personal info and online activity remains private, safe, and anonymous.


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Maximum identity, privacy, and device protection for you and your family to confidently live life online, with comprehensive identity monitoring, credit monitoring for all three bureaus, credit freeze and lock, up to $1M identity theft coverage, $25K ransomware coverage plus full-service data removal to help to stop the sale of your personal info on data broker sites.

Our family plan comes with parental controls to protect your children online and help them build good digital habits.

Both plans offer all-in-one online protection in a single, simple solution that protects your family’s personal data and privacy. However, McAfee+ Ultimate offers our maximum privacy and identity protection with comprehensive identity and credit monitoring for all three bureaus as well as credit lock. 

McAfee+ Ultimate is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. You can find operating system compatibility on our System Requirements page.

When you open McAfee+ Ultimate for the first time after installing, you’ll be greeted by a guided tour that will help you run scans and discover all your protection capabilities.

Setting up family protection is simple. Just enter an email address or mobile phone number for each person you want to invite.

Your family member will get a message to log in along with steps to set up protection for their computers, phones, web browsing, and passwords. They’ll also have their own identity monitoring to receive alerts when their personal data is found on the dark web. 

Two adults can also set up credit monitoring, find their personal info on data broker sites to remove it, and clean up personal info from old online accounts.  

Each family member will have their own notifications and log in where they can check their Protection Score along with recommended steps to improve their score and overall online safety.

Parental controls provides you with the ability to supervise and keep your kids safer online. When you sign up for a family plan, you’ll receive easy instructions to get set up with the parental controls app.

  • See what your kids are up to: View your kid’s device activity and location at a glance from your phone or desktop.
  • Set rules and time limits: Start off with age-based rules for apps and websites that you can customize based on your kid’s needs.
  • Know where your kids are: Locate them on a live map and receive automated notifications when they enter or leave familiar places like a school or the library.
  • Family requests: Collaborate with your kids by allowing them to request extra app time or access blocked apps or websites.

What's included in McAfee+ family plans?
Family plans come with identity theft protection, online privacy, and device security for up to 6 family members (up to 2 adults and 4 children) without having to share logins. Each family member can set up their own identity, privacy, and device protection features in the way that works best for them. 

Each family member gets their own, Individual Protection Score, which shows how safe they are, with guidance on how to improve their protection. Plus, parents can help keep their children safe online and limit their risk exposure with parental controls. 
How do I share the subscription with my family?
To share your subscription with your family, log in to My Account and click Manage users and devices. From there, you can send an invitation to each family member to join your plan. Each family member will be able to set up their McAfee account and complete the setup for their online protection.
Why does my spouse need online protection if I already have it?
Every one of us has valuable personal data and our online privacy to protect. When you add your spouse as an adult family member on your family account, they will be able to set up and manage their own identity and credit monitoring, Personal Data Cleanup to remove their info from data broker sites, and more. They’re also covered with up to $1 million in case of stolen identity and up to $25K for ransomware.
How many people can I add to my family plan?
You can add up to 5 additional people to your family plan for a total of 2 adults and 4 children (minors). 
Why should my children have online protection?
Kids need protection in many of the same ways adults do. They have Social Security Numbers, which if used for identity theft, could affect their credit standings. They also have usernames and email addresses that could be part of a data breach, finding their way to the dark web where criminals can access them. 

When online, children (and adults) need to be notified when a website or link is risky and could lead to a phishing site or a malware download. And of course, device protection on their computers and phones can save them from online threats like viruses and hackers. 
How will minors be able to manage their online protection?
The account owner can invite members as either an adult or a minor. Minors (and adults) will have access to their own accounts on the McAfee Protection Center. However, minors have access to fewer identity and privacy features than adults. 

As a parent, you can choose to set up and manage your child’s account yourself and access the account in the McAfee Protection Center in order to stay on top of your child’s online protection settings, notifications, Protection Score, and recommended steps to improve your child’s online safety.
As the purchaser (admin), can I see all other family member McAfee+ accounts?
As the account owner, you can see all users and their devices. However, you will not be able to access family members’ Protection Score, settings, and alerts.
What comes with parental controls?
The internet is a wide-open world and parents can’t always be there to supervise what their children are accessing or who their communicating with online. McAfee+ Family plans include the tools you need to:
  • view device activity easily from your phone or desktop
  • set app and website rules and time limits
  • locate your kids on a live map and receive automated notifications when they enter or leave familiar places
  • collaborate with your kids by allowing them to request extra app time or access blocked apps or websites.
Can I add someone like my parent or child who doesn’t live in my home as a member on my family plan?
Yes, family is what you make it. Add one adult and up to four minors to your plan no matter where they live. It’s simple to get them set up. Just enter their email address and they’ll get a message with instructions.
If family members leave my plan does my price change?
No, the price of your plan will not change if family members leave your plan. You can still make the most of your plan by adding someone else to take their spot!
How does payment for the family plan work?
The purchaser (account owner) of the family plan is the only person who can manage payment and payment settings.
Can I change the primary account owner?
The purchaser of the plan will always be the primary account owner.
What devices and OS are compatible with McAfee+?
McAfee+ is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, and mobile devices. You can find operating system compatibility on our System Requirements page.