Dear Employer:

Bulldogs on the Lakes and the Yale alumni in the Twin Cities area appreciates your interest in our summer internship program. Beginning our 12th year, we believe students, employers, alumni, mentors and community members will benefit from the unique opportunities of Bulldogs on the Lakes.

Since its inception, NYRFthe Bulldogs on the Lakes program has brought over 175 Yale students to the Twin Cities for a unique and extremely rewarding summer experience. The Bulldogs have come from all over the United States and several foreign countries. They have worked diligently for many local employers, most of those nonprofit employers. The ultimate result is that graduates have moved to the Twin Cities because of Bulldogs on the Lakes.

We have prepared this package of information for your convenience to evaluate and guide your participation in the Bulldogs on the Lakes. The package contains:

  • Employer Guidelines – Suggested qualities of a good internship
  • A sample Calendar of Events – this calendar will provide some insight into the kinds and numbers of activities in which the students are involved during their summer.
  • Comments from Bulldog Employers in the Twin Cities.

For those of you who are new to the Bulldogs on the Lakes program, here is a brief history and description of some of the most significant features of the program:

The Bulldogs on the Lakes summer internship program was started by local Yale alumni, Bill Messinger, Malcolm McDonald, and Bob Sidenberg. The mission of the program is to employ hard working Yale undergraduate students in positions that increase the students’ work experiences, benefit the employers, and enhance the Twin Cities community as a whole. It is the goal of Bulldogs on the Lakes to arrange high quality job offerings from the not-for-profit sectors of the community, although we have added some for-profit positions.

Bulldogs on the Lakes is part of the Bulldogs Across America summer internship program. Since its inception, the program has since expanded to include Cleveland, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Louisville, New Orleans, Santa Fe and St. Louis. To date, we’ve had over 1,400 Yale students participate in Bulldogs programs across the country, and over 85 have moved to a Bulldog city after graduation.

In order to introduce the students to the assets and leadership of the community, the summer includes numerous civic and social events. The students will also attend presentations by various Yale alumni and local community leaders as well as visit places of interest around the Twin Cities area.

The students are housed together in a dorm setting for the summer. The housing will be provided by Bulldogs on the Lakes and is offered at a reduced rate for interns. Each student is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $3,000 in gross compensation for the nine-week internship. Qualified employers (non-profit and/or governmental) reimburse Bulldogs on the Lakes $300 toward the housing costs of the intern, giving a total cost of $3,300.

Each student is paired with a mentor who is a Yale alumni for the summer. The mentor serves as another interested adult in the life of the intern, and in many cases the mentor families become like second families to the students while they are in the Twin Cities.

Employers post their positions on the Yale Symplicity website and students apply for internships electronically. The employers are responsible for selecting their own intern(s). Bulldogs on the Lakes does not play a direct role in the selection of interns. Employers are encouraged and urged to make selections in a timely manner to increase their chances of being granted a summer intern.

We look forward to working with you to make Bulldogs on the Lakes summer internship program a success.

Any Questions? Please contact us.